You can have your cake and eat it too!

We do have a few brave volunteers acting as our test pilots, but for the most part Arlock Web is still under construction.

In a few months, when all the kinks have been ironed out, there will be an official opening. At that point, we will begin full listing, promotion, and hosting services. The first 25 listing sign ups will be free, but we won’t be accepting people until the gates open.

Stay tuned for more specific updates.

Arlock Web works on the crowd source principle. Not for funding, but for exposure. We keep our prices low, because we expect you, the client, to do some of the heavy lifting in sharing/re-tweeting/re-posting of our promotional material and new arrivals. Writers/Authors shouldn’t be rivals, publishing is not a zero sum game. If we work together, we can grow your audience together. For every sale you help bring to another writer, they will be sending as many your way.

  • Yes, it’s a pyramid scheme.
  • No, we don’t mean that in the monetary sense.
  • Yes, I get to be the pharaoh in this metaphor.